Three Steps to Take Now to Get Her Back

You certainly aren’t the first man to still be in love with his ex girlfriend. This is a scenario that plays itself over time and time again in many relationships. The break up happens and you realize that living without your ex girlfriend is pure unadulterated misery. You long for her. You want to reach out to her and you’re sick with worry that the woman you adore is going to find herself a new man to care about. Instead of spending all of your free time wishing you could undo the past, you need to get your mind focused on the here and now. The reality is that the relationship is over for the time being and unless you pull yourself together and get to work remedying this, it could lose this woman for good.


Accept That You’re Not Her Boyfriend at the Moment

It’s understandable that you wish you had a magic wand that you could wave that would erase the break up and get your ex girlfriend to come running back to you. Unfortunately, magic relationship wands just don’t exist. You aren’t going to find any technique that is going to enable you to jump back into the role of her boyfriend that easily. This takes work and the first step towards reconciliation is acceptance.

Until you openly accept that the break up happened, you won’t be in the right mind frame to get her back. You have to shift your thinking from trying to undo the break up to trying to build a new relationship with her. They may sound like the same thing but they are actually very different.

You two have emotional baggage between you now. That’s just a fact. Ignoring that won’t make it magically disappear. You have to accept that you two went through a difficult period and that things got to the point of being so bad that a break up seemed like the best choice.

You’re not together right now. Accept that and once you do, moving towards getting her back will become a whole lot easier.

Distance Yourself From Your Ex Girlfriend

Right now, you’re in an emotional tailspin. You’re still reeling from the break up and those overwhelming emotions are behind the unending need you feel to get her to want you back again. That’s why you sometimes text her when you know it’s not the best idea or maybe you call her late at night when you miss her. Any gesture like that, although it may seem innocent and heartfelt, can actually ruin your chances of getting the woman to give you another chance.

Silence is known to speak volumes so why not employ this technique to get your ex girlfriend back? If you stop talking to her in every form, she’s bound to wonder what’s going on with you. She’ll start snooping around your social media sites and don’t be surprised if she’s casually asking mutual friends what you’ve been up to.

The moment you stop showing her that you’ll do anything to get her back, is the moment when she’ll realize that she may actually lose you for good. Distance, although scary in concept, can be a game-changer in terms of a broken relationship.

Work On You to Get Her Back

Improving yourself as a man is one of the essential steps you need to take in the process to get back your ex girlfriend. If you can learn how to be a better partner, communicator and support system for everyone in your life you care for, your ex girlfriend is bound to sit up and take notice of that. When you start to understand that less is more when it comes to getting her to want to be with you again, you’ll be moving in the right direction. By being understanding, sensitive and compassionate to what she needs, you’ll score big points when it comes to winning back her love. Learn those things and you’ll be well equipped to get that second chance you so desperately want.

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