Does My Ex Girlfriend Still Have Feelings for Me? Here’s How to Tell

I often hear from men who want to all know the same thing, “does my ex girlfriend still have feelings for me?” It’s a very understandable question for any man to be asking if he’s recently suffered through a break up with a woman he still loves dearly. Relationships are rarely free of hardships and just because you may have been utterly devoted to your ex, it certainly doesn’t mean that she felt the same way. You know that. In fact, you’re living it at the moment. Whenever I’m asked that question, I always respond with a list of signs that I believe are indicative of a woman who still carries a torch for her ex boyfriend. Pay close attention to these gentlemen as they can give you that glimmer of hope you need and want in your quest to reinvent the relationship and get her to want you all over again.

Here’s how to tell if your ex girlfriend still has feelings for you:

You hear from her, regularly. If your ex girlfriend calls, texts or emails you frequently, she’s not ready to let the relationship go quite yet. Many women use the premise of a friendship with their ex to keep the lines of communication wide open. However, it’s important to bear in mind that when a woman is truly over a guy, she’s going to stop talking to him. Think back to some of your other ex girlfriends. You probably rarely hear from them, if ever, right? That’s because they’ve moved on. A woman who has yet to get past the break up will still reach out for contact with her ex.

She’s sending out feelers to mutual friends. Mutual friends can either be a hindrance or helpful during the days and weeks following a break up. If your mutual friends were more your friends before you and your ex girlfriend started dating, they’re going to be more inclined to tell you what she’s been up to. If you hear from a mutual friend that your ex girlfriend has been asking about you and what your current dating status is, that’s definitely a sign that she’s very interested still.

She wants your opinion on something important. Most of us go to the people we care about the most when we need a second opinion on something. There are just some decisions in life that are difficult to make on your own including whether to switch career paths, whether or not to buy a house or whether a move to another city is the right thing to do. If you are the go-to person for advice for your ex girlfriend, in her mind you’re still someone who matters deeply. She sees you as someone she can trust and depend on. Take this seriously.

She shows genuine remorse for what went wrong between the two of you. When a woman feels a connection to her ex boyfriend still, she’s going to think about what transpired between them in the past. She’s going to feel badly for anything she may have said that was hurtful or came from a place of mean spirit. If your ex girlfriend talks about what went wrong between you two and she’s apologetic for her role in it, she’s thinking about the possibility of a future with you.

She’s not dating anyone new. Many women don’t have the emotional ability to invest themselves in more than one relationship at a time. If your ex girlfriend still feels something for you she’ll be less inclined to seek out another connection with a man. If it’s been some time since the two of you broke up and she’s still alone, take that as a sign that she’s not over you yet.

It’s obviously a big step from recognizing that your ex girlfriend still has feelings for you and getting her to agree to give the relationship another chance.

If you feel there’s still a chance and you aren’t ready to move forward without pursuing a renewed relationship with her, there are ways to reconnect and build a bond that’s stronger than ever.

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