How Can I Make Her Love Me Again? Break Up Advice Just for Men

How can I make her love me again?” That’s a question that many men before you have asked and many to come will as well. It’s a very common question after a break up if your heart is still with your ex. We all know that there’s great value in letting go of the past and finding the will to move forward but what if you can’t? What if you’re so deeply in love with your ex girlfriend that you can’t even envision getting involved with anyone else? Is there a way to rekindle the past or is your best choice letting time pass so eventually you’ll feel strong enough to let her go? Only you can answer that question but it’s important to consider that love like that won’t necessarily come along again in your lifetime.


Set the Past Straight Now

Before you can even begin to set out on a course to get her to love you again, you must right the past. If things were great between you two, the break up would never have happened. That’s a fact. It’s natural for us to want to point the finger of blame at our partner when we didn’t want the break up, but that’s not fair. Your girlfriend may have indeed been the one who told you she wanted things to be over but something drove her to that point. You must look honestly at the relationship and at what you could have done differently. Once you identify your own faults, it’s time to apologize for them. By doing that you will be letting go of the negativity associated with the break up while at the same time ensuring anything that does happen in the future will be built on a better foundation.

Make a Positive Improvement to Yourself

As we move through each and every relationship we have in life we should always take something positive from the experience. We should also use the experience as a life lesson. Whatever you’ve learned during the time you spent with your ex girlfriend has changed you. Now is the time to take that change and run with it. Choose one thing about yourself that you know needs improving and then focus on doing just that. Not only will this help you to gain more self confidence (which can be in short supply after being dumped) but it will also benefit you as you work on getting your ex girlfriend to care for you the way she used to.

Live! Live! Live!

It’s easy to fall into a depressive rut after the end of your relationship. It’s natural and healthy to mourn the loss but there has to come a time when you let those feelings go and start to venture out into the world again. Don’t hide yourself away after the break up. Get out and start living again. It’s generally not a good idea for a man in your position to seek out another woman to date, but that’s not to say that you can’t go out with a group of friends. If you can allow the negativity to leave your body, and start smiling again while enjoying yourself, it will change your entire outlook.

It’s vital that you don’t rush the reconciliation process with your ex girlfriend and that you don’t get too discouraged. You may feel ready to get back together today but it could take her some time to realize what she’s lost. If you don’t put too much pressure on her, that will help her see that you’re focused on her best interests and not yours.

Become a supportive and positive force in her life. Let her see what a truly remarkable friend you can be and let her feelings settle. Once she starts to see how mature you are and how well you’ve handled yourself since the breakup, a lot of her old feelings are going to rise to the surface again and you two can then, together, decide what the next, best step is for both of you.

If patience isn’t your strong suit and you can’t imagine waiting weeks or months to get her back, there is a very effective way to draw her back to you. Most men don’t realize that by using simple text messages they can create overwhelming emotions within their ex girlfriend that make her come running back ready to try again.

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