I Dumped Her and Now I Miss Her! How to Right This Relationship Wrong

You regret it, don’t you? You had no idea what a wrong move it was at the time. To you it felt right. You believed that breaking up with your girlfriend was the absolute right thing to do. You felt distant from her, the love had changed and you realized that if you let her go you’d be free to pursue someone else. Now it is weeks or months later and you’re miserable. You miss her and no one can take her place. Maybe you’ve tried dating other women but not one of them fills that spot in your heart the way your ex did. So, now what? You messed things up with your ex so is there any way you’re going to get the woman to come back to you? There might be if you’re willing to swallow your pride and make some positive improvements to yourself.

You have to admit to both yourself and your ex girlfriend that you made a life changing mistake. It’s hard to do when you have no idea how she’s going to respond. Ideally, she’ll fall into your arms proclaiming that she never fell out of love with you. Realistically, it’s much more likely that she’s going to be holding onto some bitter resentment over the way you broke her heart. This is especially true if she fought you on the idea of the break up all the while telling you that she couldn’t live without you. That’s why you have to be cautious with how you approach her to apologize and ask for another chance.

My suggestion is to test the waters before you dive in. In other words, speak to her about anything other than the break up to gauge how receptive to you she is. Call her up and ask how she is. She’ll either burst into tears telling you how horrible her life has been since you dumped her or she’ll react positively to hearing from you. Be mindful of the fact that she’s likely to be very surprised that you’ve called her at all so she may be a bit standoffish. This is fine. Anything is fine actually, unless she hangs up on you straight away.

If she seems open to the idea of talking to you about something very general, like school, work or the weather, you should suggest a meeting in person. I should note here that she may agree to it but at a future date. Many women will decide that they want to see you but not for a week or two. You shouldn’t necessarily take this as a bad sign. It’s very probable that she just wants some time to compose herself and gather her emotions.

When you do meet be kind and considerate. Explain that you feel that you’ve made a mistake and you’ve come to this conclusion based on the fact that you’ve had time to think and reminisce since the break up. It’s vitally important that you express to your ex girlfriend that you don’t expect her to forgive you right away, but you’d like very much to be her friend. Most women, even those who were deeply hurt by the break up, will be open to this idea.

Then it’s up to you to show her that you are genuine and that you have changed into someone who appreciates who she is. It’s going to be natural for her to have some resentment towards you and to make you work a bit harder to regain her affection, but you’re up for the challenge. Stay on the right course, be honest with how you feel about her and you two will be able to work towards your future together.

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