Is My Ex Girlfriend Over Me? Signs She’s Moved On

There’s one burning question that keeps you up at night and invades your thoughts on a daily basis. “Is my ex girlfriend over me?” You wish you knew. It’s so hard to understand the things she does, isn’t it? One moment you are convinced that she still has strong feelings for you and the next moment you feel as though you’ll never hear from her again. You need to stop worrying and the best way to do that is to gain some insight into how women think. Understanding the clues in the way a woman handles herself around her ex boyfriend will help you gauge whether your ex really is interested in you still or whether she’s just being friendly.

Here are a few clues that she is indeed over you:

She never initiates contact with you. Are you typically the one calling or texting your ex girlfriend? Think back to the last few times that the two of you talked. Was she the one who reached out to you or did you do all the reaching yourself? If your ex girlfriend is ready to move on with her life, she won’t be thinking about getting in touch with you. If you’re unsure about this, just stop contacting her for a couple of weeks and see what the results are.

She’s already started dating someone new. There’s a large misconception floating around that suggests that when someone immediately starts dating after their break up that it’s purely and solely a rebound situation. It often is but in many cases, that’s not what it is at all. If your ex girlfriend is already enjoying the company of another man, don’t comfort yourself with the idea that she’s just doing it to either get over you or make you jealous. She may actually be serious about the new guy. Typically when a woman is still holding on to some feelings for her ex she won’t be chasing after anyone new.

She doesn’t acknowledge “important” dates anymore.  If you’ve celebrated a birthday since the break up and you heard nothing from your ex, that’s not a promising sign at all. Women, traditionally, are the ones who love acknowledging special dates including the birthday of the man they love, Valentine’s Day, and the anniversary of when you two first began dating. If those dates pass and she ignores them completely, her heart isn’t in the relationship the way it used to be.

She has no interest when you start dating again. For most women jealousy is par for the course when the man they adore shows some interest in another woman. Eventually you may decide that it’s worth dating again to see if your ex girlfriend will react. This is never advised. You should really only start dating again because you feel it’s the right time. Regardless of your motivations for spending time with someone new, if your ex girlfriend is stone faced or if she congratulations you and wishes you well, there is no longer an emotional attachment for her.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow when you realize that your ex girlfriend has moved on and has left the relationship you two shared in the past. If you still love her, you’re going to feel torn between moving on as well or trying to get her back. If you feel, deep within your heart, that the break up was indeed a mistake and your future path should be together, there is an ingenious and very effective way to get her interested in you again. This approach works even if she’s taken the step of dating again.

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2 Responses to “Is My Ex Girlfriend Over Me? Signs She’s Moved On”
  1. Craig says:

    i need help on this im very confused my ex girlfriend said that she loves me but we talk some days im the one who initiates a text conversatio
    with her and she doesnt initiates at all. but when i do she seems to be happy talking to me shes starting to see this new guy. we broke up the day before april 1st right know shes grabbing a lot of feelings for him so i dont know if that would be considered rebound? please help i do not know what to do should i keep texting some day rather than doing it everyday

  2. GillianR says:

    Hi Craig – If she’s already spending time with another man I think you need to give her some room. Quite often right after a break up a woman will keep her ex boyfriend close by just because she feels unsure of what’s next for her. Your ex may not feel that connected to the new man in her life so she’s keeping you on hold just in case that relationship doesn’t work out the way she hopes. You need to separate yourself from that and the best way to do so is to stop initiating all the contact between you two. Give her some space. You may find that once she realizes you’re not chasing after her anymore, that the new guy in her life won’t matter and she’ll come running back to you. Wishing you well, Gillian