My Ex Girlfriend Says She Misses Me! Does She Mean It?

My ex girlfriend says she misses me!” You’ve been on cloud nine since she told you this, haven’t you? Since the break up you’ve longed for a sign, any sign, that would suggest that she wants you back. Now that she’s told you she misses you, it’s just a matter of time before she tells you she can’t live without you, right? Not necessarily. As much as you want to believe that your ex girlfriend can’t imagine a future without you, that may not be the case at all. The fact that she told you she misses you may actually mean very little, if anything at all.

Women often say things that men absorb in a completely different manner in which they were intended. Such is the case when a woman tells her ex that she misses him. It certainly doesn’t automatically mean that she misses being his girlfriend. In fact, it rarely means that at all. What it typically means is that she misses him being around or the friendship they shared. That’s why you need to be mindful of controlling your feelings if your ex girlfriend has suggested that she misses you.

You can gain a lot more insight into how your ex girlfriend truly feels by paying close attention to her actions. If she says she misses you, take that into consideration but then watch to see if her actions back that statement up. If a woman truly misses a man she’s going to go out of her way to see him. Your ex girlfriend should be suggesting a meeting or at the very least, a telephone call to discuss where you two are emotionally. If she’s randomly throwing out comments about missing you, chances are that she’s just saying it because she misses having “a boyfriend.”

Why Your Ex Girlfriend May Be Saying She Misses You

Women will often use the “I miss you” phrase as a litmus test after a break up. Your ex girlfriend may actually say this to you just to see if you’ll respond in kind to her. She may want to know that you still miss her because it feeds her vulnerable ego after the break up or it satisfies her curiosity. Again, if she just tells you she misses you and then doesn’t follow up with a plan to get face-to-face that’s very suggestive of a woman who doesn’t really miss you much at all.

You’re going to fare the best emotionally if you refrain from telling her you miss her as well. I know that you do miss her but if you put that out there, you may be setting yourself up for another emotional fall. The best advice you can follow if your ex girlfriend tells you she misses you out of the blue is to ignore the comment and ask how she is. That approach works so well because you’re being cordial to her without putting yourself in a vulnerable place emotionally.

Remember that if a woman wants her ex boyfriend back she’ll get to work making that happen. She won’t rest on her laurels. If your ex girlfriend  truly misses you as much as she says she does, she’ll want to get things back on track as soon as possible so you two can be a couple again. If she’s not putting in any effort to make that happen, it’s best to hold back what you feel so you don’t feel stung by her again.

If you still love her and you’re hopeful that one day you two will reunite, you actually have more control over that than you realize. You can use text messages as a tool to pull her back into your life and your arms.

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