My Ex Girlfriend Sends Me Texts Often! Why You Shouldn’t Jump to Any Conclusions

Your ex girlfriend and you have had a confusing time of it, haven’t you? Things weren’t exactly working when you two were together so you broke up. Maybe you did the dumping or perhaps it was her who pulled the plug on the relationship. Regardless, now you’re in an even more challenging place from an emotional point of view. Your ex girlfriend has been sending you a lot of text messages and you’re feeling really hopeful, aren’t you? You want it to mean that she’s ready, willing and eager to get back together with you but has she actually said that? It’s so easy to misread a person’s intent based on their words. Don’t build yourself up for an inevitable emotional fall by jumping to the wrong conclusion here. Just because your ex is texting you often, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s ready to jump back into anything more than a friendship with you.

Women and men are very different when it comes to the way they handle the end of a relationship. Men are more apt at hiding their feelings and pushing through them by moving forward. Men like to keep themselves busy and will often dive into a new project or invest more of their time in work in an effort to forget what happened. Women, on the other hand, prefer to swim in those difficult feelings. We don’t necessarily feel things more deeply than our male counterparts, but we hold onto those feelings and want to work through them by changing them to something meaningful. It’s very hard for a woman to let go of a relationship, especially one that held a lot of meaning for her. That’s why many women will reach out to their exes as a friend following the break up.

Consider the context of those messages your ex girlfriend is constantly sending you. Does she express how much she misses you or how badly she wishes you two were back together? Or are her messages more about what’s going on in her life and asking about what’s happening with you? You may be reading too much between the lines if she’s just sending random friendly texts, much like the text messages you’d receive from any other friend.

Does Your Ex Girlfriend Want to Get Back Together with You?

A woman who wants to get back together will be clear about that. She may send a text message to open the dialogue again, but soon after she’ll want to see you in person. Women don’t particularly like talking about relationship issues via text, email or the phone. They’d much rather look into your eyes and pour their heart out when they know they have your full and undivided attention.

If you’ve been entertaining the idea of the two of you trying to make your relationship work, think about why it failed in the first place. Don’t blindly assume that things will be different this time. It’s not likely that they will be unless you and your ex girlfriend make some effort to change what it was that broke you up.

That’s why it’s important to move the conversation to another medium, preferably in person, or if not, at least the telephone if you want more than a friendship with her. If she balks at the idea of having a coffee with you or if she’s too busy to get together at the moment, consider the fact that if she was desirous of getting back together, she’d make time.

Although it’s tempting to read more promise in her text messages than what is actually there, don’t. Take them all at face value. If she wants more, she’ll tell you. Until then decide for yourself what you want and whether a text message friendship is enough at this point.

Most men don’t realize that they can actually use text messages as a tool to get their ex girlfriend back. There are very specific texts that you can send to your ex that will reignite her interest and make her crave to be with you again.

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