I Still Love My Ex Girlfriend But She Has a New Boyfriend! Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Yet

There’s a deep sadness that envelops a man when he comes to the stark realization that the woman he loved has moved on and is now dating someone else. Break ups have a way of smacking us across the face in an emotional sense. If you’re not the one who wanted the relationship to end, you have to come to terms with the fact that the woman you utterly adored has decided that she’d rather live her life apart from you. Once she makes the step towards dating another man it’s even more heart wrenching. Not only do you have to face the reality that you’ve lost her, but you also must accept that she’s interested in another guy. Does this really mean the end of any chance you may have had with her or is there some way you can possibly shift everything back to the way it used to be?

Why It’s Essential That You Accept Your Ex Girlfriend’s New Relationship

We all have an emotional survival instinct that kicks in when we feel threatened. That’s what typically happens to a man when he realizes his ex girlfriend, who he is still madly in love with, has moved on. He’ll try to make himself feel better by finding every fault he possibly can with the new guy. Some men even go so far as to list these imagined faults to their ex girlfriend in the hope that she’ll dump the new guy.

You know your ex and you know that she has impeccable taste in men. That’s the reason why she dated you for so long. This new man in her life has to have some redeeming qualities in order for her to be attracted to him. He may be the opposite of you or perhaps he’s very much like you. The point is that regardless of why she became interested in him, the attraction is there.

You must accept this fact and you have to do it with dignity and humility. Your ex girlfriend is likely not dating this new guy to get back at you or to make you jealous. She’s doing it to help herself and for that you should be grateful. You need her to feel stronger emotionally and more at peace with things before you can even attempt to get her back. That’s why it’s essential that you accept that she’s moved on, for now.

How You Can Use Her New Relationship to Your Advantage

Women love being in love with a man who can double as their best friend. That’s the route you’re going to take as you learn how to balance your ex girlfriend’s new relationship with your lingering romantic feelings for her.

You must work hard, beginning today, to establish yourself as a caring, supportive and non-threatening friend to your ex. To do that you must show her that you want the best for her and that any motivations that you may have to get back together, have been but on the back burner for now.

It’s important that you tell your ex girlfriend that ultimately you just want the best for her and that you recognize how happy she’s been since she got together with her new boyfriend. You’ll get extra points if you tell her that you love seeing her smile again and that he’s a really lucky guy.

This will touch your ex but at the same time it won’t feel threatening to her. She won’t perceive it as you trying to get her to want you back. Instead she’ll see it as you putting her and her needs before your own.

As you work towards building a friendship with her never try and undermine her relationship with her new man. You should always tell your ex that you’re more than willing to listen if she needs someone to talk to but it’s important that you don’t take sides if she’s arguing with her new guy. If you side with her she may see that as you trying to manipulate her feelings away from him and if you side with him, she may see you as betraying her. That’s why it’s important that you remain completely neutral.

If you can remain a part of your ex girlfriend’s life even after she’s started seeing another man, there’s a good chance that you can build a friendship with her that will eventually become even more. Just be certain that you don’t push for a second chance too soon and don’t overwhelm her with memories of how things used to be between you two. Keep your cool, be a great friend and let her rebound relationship run its course.

If you’re impatient and you desperately want her back now, there is a surprising way to make that happen. By using small, specific text messages you can reignite your ex girlfriend’s interest and get her to want you more than she ever has before.

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