She Says She Doesn’t Know How She Feels! Advice for Men Facing a Break Up

Your girlfriend said the words you hoped she never would. She told you that she’s just not sure how she feels. It hit you like a freight train at high speed. Your reality stopped and you felt frozen in time. It’s obviously just the prelude to the break up, isn’t it? Actually, it likely is. When a woman starts to express mixed feelings about the relationship or she waffles on whether or not she wants to continue nurturing the connection you two have built, it’s time to face the facts. Your girlfriend already has one foot out the door and unless you take matters seriously and do something drastic, very soon the woman you love is going to say goodbye for good.

What to Do When She’s Unsure About Her Feelings

When a woman says that she’s doesn’t know how she feels, she’s desperately confused. This can happen at any time in a relationship. Once it does happen, it’s vitally important that the man involved address this immediately. If you panic and beg her to take back the words, you may as well pack her things up and send her on her way. She’ll see you as desperate and unable to handle an emotional crisis. Likewise, if you react angrily and tell her that she might as well leave if she’s not in love with you anymore, you’ll face the same fate. She’ll label you as unstable and you’ll probably never hear from her again.

Now is the time when you need to be the supportive, loving and compassionate partner that she seeks. It may feel foreign to you but the best approach you can possibly take is to tell her that you understand and you want to be there for her in any way that you can. It’s very unlikely that she’ll be expecting this reaction from you at all. She’s going to be anticipating something negative from you so show her that you’re a bigger, stronger and more emotional in tune man than she realizes. If you can muster up the emotional fortitude to do this, you’ll stand a much better chance of stopping the break up in its tracks.

Sometimes the inevitable just has to happen and she may tell you that it’s not you, it’s her and she needs time to work out what she’s feeling. Again, your initial reaction may be to fall to your knees and plead with her to stay, but don’t. You have to allow her the time and space needed to sort through what she’s experiencing. Maturity is really the key to being the man that she needs.

Be Clear with Your Girlfriend About What You Feel

It’s advisable that you explain to your girlfriend how you feel. Don’t get too emotional while you do this. Simply state, in no uncertain terms, that you believe strongly that she’s the woman for you. Also, express to her that part of loving her, in your eyes, is giving her what she needs and if that includes time, you’re more than happy to do that. Then follow through with that promise by giving her space.

The way a man handles a bump in his relationship, like this, can make or break any chance he has of getting his woman back. If you show her that you’re strong enough emotionally to handle this, she’ll see that as very appealing. On the other hand, if you breakdown, try to guilt her into staying or repeatedly harass her in an attempt to get her to come back to you, you’ll likely lose her for good. Be on your best behavior, believe in the bond you two have and let time help show her how much you two really do belong together.

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