Wanting an Ex Girlfriend

How to Get Back with Your Ex Girlfriend

Many men are faced with the same heartache – a woman they are dating decides that she needs time or space. What was once a happy and fulfilling relationship is suddenly over. She leaves and the man watching her walk away may feel that the love of his life just said goodbye forever.

This is difficult enough, but many women will decide to start dating to move on. If you are the man she recently broke up with, it can be heart wrenching to know that she’s over you and moved on to someone new.

Letting go seems like the right thing to do but it can also feel virtually impossible. So many men make a crucial mistake. They beg and plead with the woman of their dreams to take them back.

Instead of being touched by this outpouring of heartfelt emotion, the woman is overwhelmed. She may even put her foot down at this point and insist on no further contact.

You have to throw every thing you think you know about getting her back out the window. It takes a very specific approach to get your ex girlfriend back.

Leave the pleading, crying and begging behind. Learn how to get her back and keep her – this time forever.

Avoid These Tactics When You Want Her Back

A List of Do-Not-Dos

You may feel compelled to do certain things when you are trying to get your ex girlfriend back. At the time they’ll feel right and you’ll feel justified in doing them, but in many instances they’ll create even more problems between the two of you.

If you want to get your ex girlfriend back to stay, don’t do the following:

Call or email her constantly. If she ended the relationship there was a reason for it. If you continue to call her, she’ll feel trapped and she’ll feel as though she can’t breathe. Take her number off speed dial and ignore her name in your email address book. Contact at this point is a big no-no.

Force her into a decision. Telling your ex girlfriend that unless she gets back together with you right now, you’ll be gone forever, is a very bad idea. She’ll feel pressured and in most cases she’ll tell you that it’s permanently over. Never give her an ultimatum if you are trying to get her back.

Ask a friend to intervene. If the two of you have a mutual friend who speaks to your ex girlfriend regularly, do not ask them to talk to her for you. This not only puts the friend in a very uncomfortable position, it will also upset your ex girlfriend. She likely doesn’t want anyone else knowing what’s happening between the two of you, so keep it between the two of you.

Wait at home to hear from her. Waiting for the phone to ring or for an email to appear is one of the worst things you can do when you are trying to get your ex girlfriend back. You need to get out and enjoy life. Dwelling on the relationship and waiting for her to get in touch will only make you more miserable.

There are proven techniques that will get your ex girlfriend back – find out what they are now.

What to Do if She’s Dating Someone New

How to Steal Her Back

Some women are able to bounce back from a break-up in no time flat. If your ex girlfriend has already jumped back into the dating pool, you maydraft_lens1839765module8120735photo_23827-couple-at-a-date_200x150t feel as though you never mattered to her. You may also feel used and naturally you’ll start to wonder if all chance you had of getting her back is gone. It’s not. If you sincerely believe that you are the man for her, there is still a way to reignite her interest even if she’s already spending time with another man.

Even though your first reaction will be to tell her that her new date isn’t right for her, don’t do it. Insulting him when speaking to her won’t help. It will likely have the opposite effect and she’ll find him even more appealing. She won’t be flattered by the fact that you’re jealous. She’ll think that you are being possessive and it can convince her she made the right decision when she ended things.

If she does call or email you to let you know that she’s found a new man, your reaction can set the tone for any chance of a future with her. Her interest may be completely reignited if you act a certain way. Even though you’ll probably feel a very strong urge to tell her that he’ll never love her as deeply as you do, bite your tongue and stifle that urge. You need to tell her that you are happy for her and wish her only the best. Leave it at that. Don’t say another word on the subject.

Your reaction won’t be what she is expecting. Instead she’ll be confused, shocked and she’ll wonder why you aren’t jealous or interested any longer.

Stirring up those feelings in her will instantly make her wonder what’s changed. It’s those feelings that will make her want you back.

Every thing you say and do after your girlfriend breaks up with you plays a part in whether or not you’ll eventually get back together. Find out what to do and what not to do to get her back.

Text Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Everything You Need to Get Her Back Fast


If you’re still in love with your ex girlfriend I know that you’ve done this countless times: You’ve looked at your phone, scrolled to her name and number and ached to send her a message or call her up. Typically this happens when you’re feeling extra emotional and you’re on the verge of falling apart emotionally because all you want is another chance with her.

If you stop yourself before you text her, good for you! If you send her something and she doesn’t respond, you know how horrible that makes you feel inside. You feel even more neglected, and broken inside.

There’s a much better way.

Michael Fiore (who has been on Rachael Ray’s show, among others) understands the delicate dynamics that are at play between a man and a woman after a break up. He recognizes that women don’t respond in the same way as a man would once a relationship has fallen apart. He’s very direct and he’s developed a program that allows a man in your situation the ability to use simple and very straightforward text messages to pull your girlfriend back. This is so easy it’s almost mindless on your part. All you have to do is follow the directions Michael sets out and before you know it your ex girlfriend is going to start responding to you in a much different way.

The best part of this is that Michael takes all the guesswork out of what you need to text your ex girlfriend. You don’t have to worry about saying the wrong thing to her at the wrong time.  This program gives you an “in” with your ex girlfriend that you may never otherwise have.

Michael has prepared a video that explains all of this in better detail here.

I do want to heed one word of caution though. Please take a moment to consider how much you really do want her back. Make certain that it’s coming from a genuine place of love and adoration.

Again, here’s the link to the video.

If you truly want a future with your ex girlfriend, Text Your Ex Back will give you the best chance. It’s guaranteed.

*There is a money back guarantee offered with this product.*

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Advice

A Weekly Tip on Getting Her Back

August 14, 2014 – If you’re still in love with your ex girlfriend, getting involved with another woman isn’t going to help at all. You may feel that it’s a great way to get your ex girlfriend so jealous that she’ll want you back, but that’s not likely to happen at all. Also, you’ll just be stringing along the new woman which isn’t compassionate or respectful. However, you will benefit by getting back out into the world and meeting new people, attractive women included. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t go out with friends and spend time interacting with other women. Not only will this help you to get your mind off your ex girlfriend, but it’s going to add an extra burst of self esteem for you. Take some time to enjoy your life again and you’ll find that you’re going to have a more positive outlook on everything. If you and your ex have mutual friends, chances are very good that she’ll hear about your new attitude, and it will impact her in a way that makes her think about you constantly and wonder whether the window to get you back is slowing closing.