Will She Come Back After Dating Someone Else? How to Increase the Chance That She Will

Your ex girlfriend has moved on. You knew it would happen but it still hurts like crazy now that it’s become reality. You expected her to at least wait a bit before diving back into a relationship, but that’s not what she wanted. She wanted someone new and now she has him and all you have is a broken heart and a bruised ego. So, what now? Does this mean that any chance you had to get her back has evaporated? Not necessarily. If you’re intent on getting another chance with her don’t allow her new relationship to push you off your life’s course. She can come back to you after dating someone else if you position yourself in her life in just the right way.

You know that rebound relationships are common after a break up, right? Bear that in mind when you start to feel overwhelmed with thoughts of her with the new guy. This is likely a temporary stop on her life journey and in a few weeks she’s barely going to remember anything about him because she’ll be so immersed in being back with you. It’s these types of positive thoughts that you really need to focus on if you want to get her back. Drowning in the negativity that you feel in relation to her new relationship is not going to get you anywhere positive. In fact, it’s very much like spinning your emotional wheels in one place.

Acting like the jilted lover isn’t going to help you in any way, shape or form in your quest to steal her back from the new guy. If you act as though she still belongs to you, she’ll resent that. By the same token, if you try and present her new boyfriend as someone who isn’t right for her or you talk poorly about him to her or others, you look like an immature, jealous fool. You have to handle this with some semblance of maturity and dignity. The best way to do that is to rise above the situation and appear to be moving on yourself.

Your girlfriend secretly wants to believe that you still desperately want her. It feeds her ego to imagine that her ex boyfriend desires her as much as her current boyfriend. It’s very possible she was drawn to the new fellow out of spite for you. She felt that if she hooked up with someone else quickly, it would get under your skin and you’d race to get her back. Don’t fall into that relationship trap with her. You’re going to do what is best for you and in this case that’s accepting that she’s moved on and appearing more than happy about it.

Tell her as much when you talk with her. Don’t make a huge deal about it but simply state that you’re glad that she’s found someone who could make her happy. You’ll score extra points if you say that you’ve heard great things about him. She’s not going to be expecting your reaction to be like this. She’ll be waiting for you to break down in a heap of jealousy. You’re not. Instead, you’re going to disappear from her life save for a phone call here and there just to touch base.

In time, the new relationship is going to go sour. She’ll start to remember all the wonderful moments you two shared and since you’ve stayed a friend, she’ll turn to you for comfort. Be there and be supportive. Your attitude throughout this process is going to be the key that convinces her you’re the better man and the only man she wants.

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